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Lust Is Blind... And So Am I!
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Saturday, February 3rd, 2007
10:20 am
A Clean Slate.
Hey everyone,

Yes... Believe it or not, I am posting again in this journal. First time in over seven months.

I have deleted all previous posts and am starting fresh, a clean slate and nothing but the 100%, honest me.

A kull of users who no longer post or don't intrest me any longer will take place in four days time. I'm not expecting many of you to care but just giving fare warning.

And... I am going to put this out there just so you all know. My heart, body and soul belong to sensualfury End of story. I love all the friends I have made through Live Journal and will continue to be a good friend and unstoppable flurt. But I belong to her and that is the way I like it.

All comments in this journal shall be screened at all times. They will be unscreened if I think people would like to read them. This is a personal choice.

So... What about you guys and girls? What's new? What's shaking? Are you still interested in hearing about a blind guy's atempts to become a better lover?

Hoping to talk to you all more soon

Current Mood: good
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